I know little about Donald Trump Jr. but I was disappointed to see the response to his tweet on teaching his daughter about socialism by taking half her Halloween candy and redistributing it. The disappointment was in the people ridiculing him. You can hate the Trumps but Trump Jr. described socialism exactly right.

Should we use adorable children to push politics? No. The ideas can stand on their own. But it does reveal how ignorant supposedly educated people are.

There is all this uproar about the rise of white supremacy. There are maybe a few thousand actual white supremacists in the United States. They are easier to sight than Big Foot but not by much. What truly disturbs me is the rise of public support for communism and socialism. People marching in American streets proudly displaying their red and yellow flags–unfortunately not for Hulkamania.

Communism, socialism, and any centrally controlled system is bad for ordinary people. They are great for the elites who put themselves in the position of central control. The rest of us get a gloomy life of poverty and scarcity.

So why is there any support for these systems? Because our centrally controlled education system has been failing for years and we now have a generation of idiots.

The response to Trump Jr.’s tweet tells us all we need to know. People believe socialism means access to free stuff. The most common argument against the tweet is that children going door to door to get free candy is the definition of socialism. Even the now Trump-deranged Stephen Colbert made this argument.

The only way to make socialism appealing is to associate it with real-world free market results. A free market society is how we can generate all the diverse candy options and then afford to share it voluntarily.

The socialist version of Halloween would have kids lining up to receive the same small handfuls of candy. All of which was approved by the Ministry of Candy to make sure it met the National Health Objectives. And if you chose to give some candy to your friends you will go to jail for violating the National Health Objectives because how can we be sure no one has had too much candy if people are just giving it to each other?! That’s socialism.