I’m Tommy. A 30-something millennial residing in Denver, Colorado. I was born in the urban jungle of New York City and raised in the rough and tough neighborhood of Coney Island, Brooklyn. My core values and beliefs were shaped by growing up in a poor and dangerous neighborhood to hard-working, no-nonsense Chinese-American parents.

I became interested in money, wealth, and weight lifting at an early age. The former to create a better life and the latter for self-defense in an unsafe world.

I graduated from Pace University with a BBA in marketing and have worked as a software engineer and manager in the video games industry. I’ve recently set out to scratch the entrepreneurial itches I’ve had since childhood!

I lean contrarian by nature but enjoy reading and learning about as many viewpoints as possible. I believe in Bruce Lee’s wisdom to take what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is your own.

I started adulthood as a Democrat like many young people from New York. George W. Bush was President and while I have respect for all our Presidents, the Iraq war and corporatist bailouts did not agree with me. The equal rights narrative of the Democratic Party was always attractive but the big government entitlement programs and identity politics are a irredeemable turn off.

I believed there had to be more than just the two wings of the same bird of prey. This led me to Congressman Ron Paul in 2008. Dr. Paul’s message revealed a third way that wasn’t left or right and I’ve been an independent ever since.

I’ve self-identified as libertarian for many years but that has softened over time. Libertarian ideals provide the most benefit when applied pragmatically to the real world. This evolution has led me to modify my libertarian identification with populist. A populist libertarian applies limited government, free markets, non-interventionism, and individual rights to the world as it is and not as it should be. The first priority of a government is to protect its citizens. Libertarian concepts can coexist with America First concepts like securing the border and making sure American jobs are not needlessly lost to globalization.

This position will be unpopular with orthodox libertarians but I’ve been a man without a party for most of my life and that suits me just fine.